My Broker Caused Me Investment Losses—Now What?

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By Adam J. Marquardt

Your broker caused you investment losses.  This can feel devastating and hopeless.  The good news is that you may be able to recover your losses if you know what steps to take.

1. Call an attorney.

A securities attorney knowledgeable in investor losses can discuss your options with you.

2. Pursue options to recover your losses.

Did you know that most investor disputes with brokers and firms are resolved by filing an arbitration claim?  Arbitration is similar to court litigation, but is streamlined and often takes less time.

Nearly all securities arbitration claims are filed in FINRA’s arbitration venue.  FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.) registers and regulates brokers and brokerage firms.  Your brokerage contract may require you to use FINRA arbitration. 

Most arbitration claims are resolved through mediation and settlements before reaching an arbitration hearing.

3. Understand possible time limitations.

Investors have six years to file claims in FINRA arbitration, and there are also deadlines for court cases.  While an attorney may find ways to extend these times, it is easier to recover your losses by pursuing claims as soon as possible.

4. Learn answers to these questions.

I filed an investor complaint with FINRA. Will I get my money back?

Not likely.  As FINRA explains on its website, filing an investor complaint is a way to inform FINRA of possible wrongdoing, but you should pursue a separate arbitration claim to recover your losses.

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Why would I hire an attorney to file a claim against my broker or the firm they work for?

You have the right to recover your investment losses caused by your broker’s or their firm’s wrongdoing.  Common claims are for unsuitable investment recommendations, excessive fees, fraud, and negligence.  Recovering investment losses is complex, and a securities attorney can work with you to pursue your best option.

What about recovering my losses through mediation?

A securities attorney can pursue mediation as a part of your arbitration claim.  Your attorney can also try to negotiate a satisfactory settlement at any time.

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Who will pay back the money I lost?

While each case is different, brokerage firms are responsible for the conduct of their brokers and generally better positioned to compensate investors.  However, recoveries can also be obtained from brokers.

Can Marquardt Law Office LLC help me?

Marquardt Law Office LLC is a law firm with experience representing investors in securities arbitration.  Contact the firm to discuss your potential claim.  Learn more.

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Can I afford to hire an attorney?

Marquardt Law Office LLC represents investors on a contingency fee basis, which means your attorney will only receive a fee if losses are recovered in your case.

You may be able to recover your investment losses.  Contact Adam J. Marquardt for more information.

While this material is intended to be for informational purposes, it is ATTORNEY ADVERTISING and not legal advice.

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