Recovering Losses for Investors

Here to recover your losses due to financial advisor or broker neglect, negligence, or fraud.

Marquardt Law Office LLC is a securities law firm dedicated to recovering financial losses for investors nationwide through FINRA arbitration and other means.

Investors who have suffered losses due to negligence, fraud, or other misconduct hire the firm to represent them in securities arbitration claims and lawsuits to recover their losses from financial professionals and institutions.

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Nearly all securities disputes are handled through FINRA arbitration.

The SEC and FINRA protect investors by penalizing bad brokers, but they do not represent individual investors.  FINRA operates the world’s largest securities arbitration venue, which is where nearly all investor claims for losses caused by misconduct are filed.  Securities attorneys represent investors in FINRA arbitrations.  It is your right to pursue your claim, and private actions are integral checks on financial professionals and institutions that alert others in harm’s way.

Individual Attention

Marquardt Law Office LLC handles each case with care and consideration.  Clients are treated like people rather than numbers.  Any questions about a case or potential case will be answered promptly.  Adam J. Marquardt respects his clients and understands that every case is important.

Dedicated to Fighting Fraud

Adam J. Marquardt is passionate about confronting fraud and seeking justice.  He recovers investment losses as a securities attorney.  Previously, he litigated whistleblower cases to recover taxes withheld from the government due to fraud and represented individuals in civil cases.  He also protected the investing public and market integrity working at FINRA and ensured financial compliance auditing companies.

Financial and Legal Experience

Adam J. Marquardt is a licensed attorney and previously passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.  In addition to his experience as an attorney, he has worked on financial matters at accounting firms, corporations, and FINRA.


Marquardt Law Office LLC will keep you informed about the status of your case.  For your convenience, you may submit and receive documents electronically through the firm’s secure links and use an e-signature to complete paperwork when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a claim?

If you have suffered losses due to the fraud or neglect of your financial advisor, broker, or brokerage firm, you may have a claim.  Every situation is different and requires complex legal analysis.  Contact a securities attorney to discuss your situation.

How can I recover my investment losses due to broker misconduct?

A securities attorney specializing in investment arbitrations can evaluate your claim to determine your recovery options and handle every step of your litigation process.  Nearly all securities arbitration claims are handled in FINRA arbitration.

What is FINRA arbitration?

FINRA arbitration is a streamlined litigation process in which parties are typically represented by securities attorneys in claims filed by investors that are overseen by one or three arbitrators.  Claims resolve more quickly than cases in court, and generally with less costs.

Recovery Options for Nina Sue Jessee Investors

If you experienced losses while investing with Nina Sue Jessee of Abingdon, Virginia, receive a free consultation about your recovery options by calling Marquardt Law Office LLC at (312) 945-6065.  Marquart Law Office LLC is pursuing a case to seek

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